About Me and Internet Marketing


It is great to finally start doing what I like the most. Writing a blog and talking about marketing. Nowadays the popularity of marketing has increased due to the fact that people spend more hours in front of a computer than they spend in real life. So when you read my articles please keep this in mind and try to understand that I am only trying to help here 🙂


  • Communicate a business message about itself, its services or its products online.
  • Sell services, goods or advertising space on the web.
  • Perform research as to nature (preferences, demographics, and requirements) of existing and targeted customers.

Components of Online Marketing

Online marketing is composed of many components that may be summed up into the following:

  • Developing a business website and making it launched as well as published on the web. It may contain text, images and perhaps video and audio elements which broadcast the business’s message to visitors, notifying current clients and prospects of the features, value-for-money, and benefits of its goods and services. The business website may also contain additional features that broaden its capabilities such as the competence to capture and store leads from targeted customers or the function to openly sell a product or service on the internet.
  • Banner advertising is one of the online marketing methods equivalents of the conventional ads in magazines and newspapers. It is the free post of advertisements on a website called as free ad directories.
  • Email marketing is an approach to attaining information regarding a product or service out to clients or getting a response from customers about a good or service by the usage of emails. Email addresses of consumers or potential consumers can be gathered through the usage of the business website or bought from top generation specialists. Email marketing is just the web version of straight mail marketing. There are various methods that can be used to do this kind of online marketing such as the regular allotment of newsletters or bulk mailing of offers related to the firm’s goods or services.
  • Blog marketing is the procedure of expressing opinions, posting comments, or making announcements in a blog directory or discussion forum that can be carried out by hosting your blog or by link exchanges and comment on other blogs whose content is relevant to your product or service.
  • Promoting a website over the WWW through search engines otherwise called as SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the procedure of helping a business website shop up in the search engine pages at the time when one makes a search with particular defined keywords through SEO, PPC or pay-per-click advertising, or PFI or pay-for-inclusion advertising in which a web page is listed in website directories, the similar way as with the yellow page listings.
  • The press releasing is the posting of a remarkable story about a business or company; regular sharing of newsletters or bulk mailing of offers associated with the company’s product or services on online press release directories.
  • Article marketing includes the online publishing or syndication in article sites or directories of newly written or exclusive articles that deal with things related to your business, services or products. Such articles have the strength to spread as well as circulate over the web since online article hosting services facilitate the re-publication of articles as long as each of the links in the articles is properly maintained.