Home Selling Strategies

When you have homes for sale, you’re entering a fierce and competitive industry. The property market is cutthroat and ferocious, and to rise above it all and successfully sell a home can be a challenge. But like with any other products, it’s all about marketing. A house is just like anything else you may be trying to sell – it must reach its target customer base, nab and hold their interest, and convince them of a good purchase in the making. Here are six home selling strategies adviced by Cedar Lake real estate.

  1. Pricing


The price of homes for sale is incredibly important to your marketing strategy and can make the difference between an easy sell and a tough price to follow. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t buy an item that is being sold for a high price when you can find it for cheaper elsewhere. No one is going to swing for a home that is overpriced.

Also do not forget that home buying is seen as an investment by some people as well.


  1. Go for Emotions


There’s more to writing the sales description of a home than just typing exactly what the home offers with no embellishments, especially if the home for sale is a little run down. If that’s the case, all the potential buyers will be seeing are generic words next to delaptidated pictures, and that won’t convince anyone.


When you write product descriptions, target sentiment and emotion, and hire a writer for this purpose if you need to. Talk about aspects of the house that would be great for different activities, describe areas of it that might remind a buyer of something they love, or talk about the charming
little quirks the home has.


  1. Videos


While you’re working on writing for emotion, video footage of the home can add something extra to the marketing of a home, too. High-quality short clips of the home will give it a more personal feel. If you can rope the original homeowner into it – or if you’re the original homeowner – having someone who lived in the house be the person leading the video footage can work wonders on tugging emotional heartstrings.

The person in question can talk about their experiences in the home, and when shot and edited creatively, this can be what seals the deal for a prospective buyer. Author Elizabeth Gilbert did something like this when she was selling her home, and that’s a great example of the wonders of video! Plus, videos are super easy to share on social media, making them easy to show
to others.


  1. Host a Party


Throwing an appropriate event in the home you are selling can help to close sales. Organize something that will appeal to your prospective buyers or the target client base that you have. You’d be surprised what a creative and fun event can do to loosen up potential buyers and have them appreciate the home in person and in a new light. They will associate a positive experience with your home, and while they may have come for the free drinks, don’t be surprised if they stay to ask about buying the house.


  1. Sell More than Just the Home


When someone buys a home, they’re not just buying the house – they’re buying its location, the neighborhood, and the world around it. If you have incredible homes for sale in a terrible neighborhood that is miles and miles away from the nearest shopping center, then chances are you won’t be having much luck with those sales.


So as you write product descriptions and pitch the house to prospective buyers, mention the neighborhood and how lovely it is, or talk about how near it is to facilities, hotspots, education centers, or even emergency service facilities. These little details will add to the value of the home for sale and make it more appealing to interested parties.

  1. Stick to Even Numbers


At some point in history, prices like $454,499 became commonplace, but nowadays, that’s more likely to hurt you than help you. Why the change? It’s simple: because of the Internet. More and more individuals will be looking for homes for sale online, and their search queries are never going to be that specific. By pricing a home at a round number like $450,000, those searching for homes below and above $450,000 will still see your listing.



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